Tyre Pressure Sensor

Suzuki Tyre Pressure Monitor

Suzuki Tyre Pressure Monitor

Tyre pressures are so important particularly on a sportsbike that I fitted a Suzuki Tyre Pressure Monitor, TPMS.  This is a fairly cheap unit that continuously shows Front and Rear tyre pressures and temperatures, and gives a visual and audible warning if tyre Pressures drop below a particularly level.

The display unit has a built in lithium battery and a USB port for charging, i fitted it just below the dash with a permanent USB connection. The display sleeps when it detects no movement and wakes instantly when the bike moves.  The sensors attach to the valves.  The Suzuki Tyre Pressure monitor costs less than 40GBP.

 Suzuki TPMS Suzuki Tyre Pressure Monitor

I usually run 35/38 PSI front and rear when cold

Suzuki Tyre Pressure Sensor

GSXS Tyre Pressure Monitor



 *Display: LCD Screen

*Input Voltage: DC 5V

*Standby current: 1μA

*Operate current: 15mA

*Pressure Testing Range: 0-8BAR (0-116 PSI)

*Temperature Testing Range: -40~1200C

*Battery: Built-in polymer lithium

*Working Temperature: -20~800C

*Storage Temperature: -30~850C

*Dimension( L*W*H ): 48*27*48mm (Approx.)



*Pressure Range: 0~116psi (0~8bar)

*Pressure Accuracy: ± 1.5PSI (± 0.1bar)

*Temperature Accuracy: ± 30C

*Working Temperature: -40~1050C

*Storage Temperature: -40~1200C

*Waterproof grade: IP5K4K

*Transmitting Power: <10dbm@50Ω

*Battery Life: 1-2 years

*Dimension (H*Dia.): 15*13mm (Approx.)