Suzuki GSXS Headlight upgrade

Suzuki GSXS Headlight upgrade

I decided to do a Suzuki GSXS headlight upgrade on a GSXS1000 Headlight that I had sitting around, with as large as possible HID projector (the larger the projector the better and brighter the beam), Daylight Running lights and build in indicator or signal lights

Advantages are much better night time lighting as well as a clearer daylight light, cleaner indicators and everything uses less power than stock whilst being brighter.

For the F version look here

Trying a few projector modules into the stock housing I settled on a Porsche like 3″ Bi-xenon projector with 4 point LED daylight running lights

GSXS1000 Porsche projector

Porsche running lights

Quote from Porsche ” LED four-point daytime running lights are combined with xenon headlights to provide the perfect lighting from the car and onto the road.”

The cover from the headlight is removed by heating in an oven to soften the adhesive holding the lens to the body and the projector is bonded to the existing cut down reflector allowing the original headlight adjusters to be used

 I removed the position lights and replaced them with orange 5052 SMD LEDs to act as indicators, these can just replace the existing ugly indicators.

GSXS position lights  GSXS flush Indicators

I used Blue SMD LEDs to create the angel eye, and with the DRLs.  The angel eyes replace the stock “fang” marker lights when the key is in the parked position and the Daylight running lights are on whenever the ignition is on.  The HID projector headlight is switched separately, so its only on when you want it.

GSXS Blue lights GSXS Porsche lights

The built in indicators instead of the position lights



GSXS1000 HID Projector Headlight 

GSXS Daylight Running Light GSXS Built in signal


GSXS Angel Eyes

GSXS Headlight Upgrade Comparison

GSXS stock vs HID low beam
GSXS stock vs HID low beam

GSXS Stock vs HID full beam