GSX-S750 Decat Link pipe

Suzuki GSX-S750 Decat link pipe

Suzuki GSX-S750 Decat link pipe

GSX-S750 Decat link pipe, for a long time now a decat or link pipe has become de rigeur for the Suzuki GSX-S1000 motorcycles where it deletes the catalytic converter and underfloor silencer however that hasn’t been a GSX-S750 decat available, so we decided to build one.


GSXS750 Stock Exhaust Headers

The GSX-S750 exhaust system appears to be 4-1 system, but upon cutting it, it can be seen that it is not a true 4-1 as the pairs are split for a couple of inches

GSXS750 collector

The diameter of the main pipe or end pipe of the exhaust is a restriction at 43mm (1.75″) limiting the engine to a maximum of about 120BHP

GSXS750 stock headers GSXS750 end pipe

And the Cat itself is both quite restrictive and heavy

GSX-S750 Cat

GSXS750 Decat link Pipe

We decided to keep the existing primaries and collector as thsi is a decat not a full system, but remove the cat and the link pipe and replace with a 2.0″ 51mm endpipe

All built from 304 Stainless, a cone was made first to produce a proper collector (existing cat pipe was too large), to bring the pipe size to 2.0 (down from the 3″ Cat) but larger than the existing 1.75″pipe (1.75″ will restrict output above 120BHP (the 750 GSXR and the 1000 GSXS have 2.0″ pipes))

However this bike had an arrow slip on Can, which like the standard slip-on has an intake of 43mm so we put an adaptor in the pipe to fit the slip-on (later the can will be changed to a can with a 50mm intake and the adaptor removed.


GSX-S750 Decat Link pipe


The result is a free flowing, lighter and sharper sounding exhaust that will give more power after it is flashed to suit

We are now producing these, but clamp on not weld on