Suzuki GSX-S Transmission

Suzuki GSX-S Transmission

Suzuki are well known for the quality of their gearboxes and the Suzuki GSX-S Transmission is no exception, smooth with a very robust gear change mechanism, they stand up extremely well to abuse.

I’ve mad a few modifications to the Suzuki GSX-S Transmission:

Gearing or Chain & Sprockets  Changing the gearing can have a huge effect on your bikes performance.

Chain Adjusters  Aftermarket chain adjusters make it much easier to a) adjust the chain tension and b) ensure that the chain stays aligned correctly.

GSXS Shift light  The GSX-S engine revs extremely quickly and pulls through to the redline, always useful to have a shift light so you don’t have to concentrate on the dash when riding hard.

GSXS Quick shift using Woolich Racing Racetools, I love the feeling of a quickshift, keeping the throttle pinned open with a wailing exhaust whilst you change up through the gears