Suzuki GSX-S racetools

Suzuki GSX-S Racetools

Suzuki GSX-S Racetools

Suzuki GSX-S Racetools is an add on to the re-flashing from Woolwich Racing that integrates a fully programmable GSXS Quickshift as well as Launch Control and an optional Pit Speed Limiter.  The GSXS quickshift works best for fast road or track driving, not for slow town riding.  It consists of a pressure senor that is fitted into the gear linkage and a sensitivity module, It all plugs directly into the existing GSXS wiring harness, using the exhaust valve connectors.

GSXS Quickshift

The GSXS quickshift is an up only quick-shift as the Suzuki GSX-S is not ride by wire and so the throttle cannot be blipped by the ECU.  The Suzuki GSX-S quickshift is fully adjustable, with the kill time adjustable by RPM, Throttle opening and current gear.  The sensitivity is also adjustable via the separate module.

Woolich Racing Suzuki Quickshift

Unlike piggyback quickshifts the Woolich Racetools GSX-S quick-shift operates through the ECU, thus no additional wiring circuits needing to be added between the ECU and the Ignition Coils improving reliability.

Some settings shown below

Suzuki GSX-S Racetools