GSX-S throttle Fix

Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle

Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle

I decided to use a domino throttle controller instead of the standard throttle tube.  This gives the Suzuki GSX-S improved throttle control as it is a much better quality throttle tube, particularly when paired with a reflash.  The GSXS1000 is known for having a snatchy throttle and this is one of the mods that can improve  the GSXS snatchy throttle.  See link for other ways to improve the throttle.

It replaces the entire throttle tube, and needs part of the switch-gear module cutting down, it also needs separate grips fitting too. 

It also has a variety of different cam profiles all much faster than the standard

Throttle Diameter and speed

Throttle Diameter mm deg/mm angle to WOT
Original 37 3.1 120
Green 44.5 2.6 100
Red 44.5-47 2.6 – 2.5 98
White 46 2.5 96
R6  40.5 2.8 108


I chose the white cam, compared to standard cam opens 25% faster with 20% less twisting and thus less flexing of the wrist.

The Yamaha R6 throttle tube is a popular mod for many sportsbikes but this Domino throttle offers a better faster throttle tube than the R6.

I bought various parts, The Domino XM2 throttle controller, Domino grips, cables and cable housings/adjusters.


Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle
Domino throttle controller

The original switch holder on the right of the handlebars had to be cut down to remove the original throttle tube and to fit the Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle, I used a dremel and file to remove the original throttle housing and smooth the edges down.

Domino Cable housing
Domino Cable housing
Tapped Cable housing
Domino cable housing has to be tapped to fit the cable guides

Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle Switchgear

Cut down switchgear housing
Suzuki GSX-S Improved Throttle Larger cam
New white cam vs stock cam


GSXS Improved Throttle