Suzuki GSXS Dyno Chart

Suzuki GSX-S Dyno Chart

Suzuki GSX-S Dyno Chart

Suzuki GSX-S Dyno Chart, I eventually got my bike to the dyno, over 1200km round trip, extremely pleased with the results.

The bike has already been tuned with Woolich Racing software and autotune, has a full custom built exhaust, BMC filter and airbox modifications

custom exhaust GSXS dyno




Results were impressive, losing the dip in torque at 5000 – 6500 rpm that I have seen on almost every GSX-S dyno sheet, caused by the design of the standard and most aftermarket exhausts and the emission and noise laws that Suzuki has to abide by, particularly Euro 4, I was extremely impressed by my GSXS Power upgrades.

Max Power 162 BHP at 11,200 RPM and 87.2 lbft  (113 Nm) at 7,600 RPM, I particularly like the fact that there is more than 80 lbft available from 4,900 RPM to 10,600 RPM!

The bike has been tuned using Woolich Racing Autotune but I was having a few problems with some areas which we sorted out on the dyno.  Using Woolich Racing software I increased Ignition advance, opened the secondary throttle plates earlier, fixed the fueling, removed the deceleration fuel cut and turned off errors for Exhaust valves, Stock O2 sensor etc. before the Suzuki GSX-S Dyno Chart, but optimised the fueling and ignition again on the dyno.

An approximate comparison of my modified exhaust, flashed and mapped GSX-S1000 vs a standard GSX-S1000 (2016)


Modified GSXS vs Stock GSXS Dyno


This is a dramatic version of the normal flatspot



Dyno run video

You can see the multistage Healtech Shift light in the video.



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