Suzuki Gear Position Sensor

Suzuki Gear Position Sensor

Suzuki Gear Position Sensor, this is used to show what gear you are in on the dash but more importantly used by the bike’s ECU to determine which maps to use, for the Traction control to operate, and various other functions (including the quickshift if its an ECU controlled quickshift)

I had issues with my gear position sensor, it started by being slow to show that gears had been changed, then stopped showing gears in certain gears.  I removed it, cleaned it with solvents and put it back, it was fine but only lasted a few months before it went bad again.

This time it was worse, not showing some gears at all – causing stalling, rough running and for the quick shift not to work so I replaced with a new sensor, been working fine ever since.

The GSXS Gear position sensor or Suzuki GPS  (Part number is 37730-41G02) is behind the cover over the front sprocket


First remove the gear linkage (5mm allen, 10mm spanner) at the front end, then loosen and remove clutch cable at the handlebar end

Next the clutch cable has to be removed at the clutch end, make a not of the marks that show where to replace the arm (line on spindle, small hole on arm) and how the spring is fitted

The sprocket cover can then be pulled off (it has 4 bolts (different lengths and 2 dowels so needs to be pulled straight off – can be difficult to remove) and then I left clutch cable attached and hung the cover out of the way.  I then degreased and jet washed the area under the cover and the inside of the cover and left it to dry

The Gear position sensor is just in front of the gear selector shaft and is held in place by 2 4mm Allen bolts

First time I cleaned it with solvent and electrical contact cleaner, added di-electric grease to the centre contact and reattached it

When reattaching it must be lined up first – I left the bike in neutral, placed the pin in the locating hole and twisted carefully until the bolt holes lined up, I used loctite on the threads.


I temprarily attached the gear linkage, turned the ignition on and checked that all the gears were showing correctly on the dash

I then cleaned and greased the clutch pushrod and inserted into the locating hole in the gearbox cover


Then replaced the cover, clutch cable ensuring the arm was lined up and gear linkage

The Suzuki Gear position Sensor then worked fine for about 3 months but started to fail even worse so I purchased a new GSXS Gear position sensor (Part number is 37730-41G02) and followed the same procedure as above, this time it has worked faultlessly