Suzuki Abbreviations

Suzuki Abbreviations

Suzuki Abbreviations   

Full alphabetical list of Suzuki Abbreviations  

Reading posts on Facebook or forums about your GSX-S can be confusing as people tend to use abbreviations all the time so I have added hopefully a comprehensive list of abbreviations used by Suzuki 



AAT        Ambient Air Temperature

ABDC     After Bottom Dead Center

ABS        Anti-lock Brake System

AC          Alternating Current

ACL        Air Cleaner

AKI         Anti-knock index

AP          Atmospheric Pressure

API         American Petroleum Institute

ATDC     After Top Dead Center

A/F         Air Fuel Ratio



BBDC     Before Bottom Dead Center

BTDC     Before Top Dead Center

B+           Battery Positive Voltage



CDI         Capacitive Discharge Ignition

CKP        Crankshaft Position

CKT        Circuit

CLP         Clutch Lever Position

CMP      Camshaft Position

CO          Carbon Monoxide

CPU       Central Processing Unit

CVT        Continuously Variable Transmission



DC          Direct Current

DOHC    Double Over Head Camshaft

DRL        Daytime Running Light

DTC        Diagnostic Trouble code



ECM       Engine Control Module

ECT         Engine Coolant Temperature

ET           Engine Temperature

EVAP     Evaporative Emission

EXCV     Exhaust control valve

EXCVA  Exhaust control valve actuator



FI            Fuel Injection, Fuel Injector

FP           Fuel pump

FPR        Fuel Pressure Regulator

FTPC      Fuel Tank Pressure Control

FWD      Forward



GEN       Generator

GND      Ground

GP          Gear Position



HC          Hydrocarbons

HI            High

HO2       Heated Oxygen

HU          Hydraulic Unit



IAP         Intake Air Pressure

IAT         Intake Air Temperature

I.D.         Inside Diameter

IG           Ignition

ISC          Idle Speed Control



JASO      Japanese Automobile Standards Organization



LCD        Liquid Crystal Display

LED         Light Emitting Diode

LH           Left Hand

LO           Low



Max       Maximum

MIL        Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Min.       Minimum

MTBE    Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether



NOx       Nitrogen Oxides



O2          Oxygen

OHC       Over Head Camshaft

O.D.       Outside Diameter



PAIR      Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

PCV        Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PP           Pulley Position



RH          Right Hand

ROM      Read Only Memory

RON       Research Octane Number

RPM      Engine Speed



SAE        Society of Automotive Engineers

SDS        Suzuki Diagnosis System

SRAD     Suzuki Ram Air Direct

STCS      Secondary Throttle Control System

STD        Standard

STP         Secondary Throttle Position

STV        Secondary Throttle Valve

STVA     Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator



TC           Traction Control

TDC        Top Dead Center

TO          Tip-over

TP           Throttle Position

TPS         Throttle Position Sensor

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