Motorcycle Keyless Ignition

Motorcycle Keyless Ignition

Digital Guard Dawg Motorcycle Keyless Ignition

Motorcycle Keyless Ignition
Keyless Ignition module under tank
RFID Keyless Ignition so no key hole
Keyless Ignition so no key hole

Automatic RFID Motorcycle Keyless Ignition, I carry a RFID keyless ignition fob in my pocket that talks to the module in the bike. When finish riding just press the run-stop switch to stop and walk away from the bike. When you come back to the bike press run and then the starter and drive away.  As soon as you are out of range, 10m or the fob is motionless for 3 minutes the bike locks itself.

GSXS Ignition Key problems

I was getting annoyed with the GSXS Ignition Key problems, the ignition barrel sits in front of the tank in a small recess and gets wet in the rain, numerois time i and others have had GSXS Ignition Key problems where the key won’t turn in the ignition barrel.

Motorcycle Keyless Ignition

So installed an RFID Keyless ignition so now no need to carry the key – I already have a keyless halo fuel cap and rarely remove the rear cowl unless I am at home.

In a world where security is a necessity and convenience in high demand, keyless technology is the perfect security solution. The DGD-KIM-U will eliminate your bike’s Ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using a key. The DGD-KIM-U lets ANY year make or model motorcycle owner go Go Keyless!

No keys to hassle with, No buttons to push, just absolute convenience and powerful security. Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “Dawg Tags” with you. When you’re ready to ride, just flip your RUN switch ON, Thumb the start button and GO!When your ride is over, kill the engine and just walk away . . .

This along with the GPS tracker improves the security of the bike as all ignition wiring and components are now under the tank and inaccessible.

They don’t do a plug and play Motorcycle Keyless Ignition kit for the GSXS but it’s a very simple operation to install, it does need the fuel tank and  airbox removing though.  The module needs wiring to the wires going to the ignition switch and the run-kill switch on the handle bars.

I removed my ignition barrel but you don’t need to remove it. Wiring and connections are shown below.

Key wiring
Replacement Wiring
Key Barrel


Key barrel removed











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