GSXS750 upgraded shock

GSXS750 Upgraded Rear Shock

GSXS750 Upgraded Rear Shock

Many riders complain about the rear shock on the  GSXS750.  It is a basic emulsion shock and suffers from a lack of damping and give a harsh ride, so here is a cheap and excellent GSXS750 Upgraded Rear Shock.

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The GSXS750 rear shock only has preload adjustment and no damping adjustment at all.  The GSXS750 has very few aftermarket shocks available.


Suzuki GSXS750 Rear shock


After much research, I have found a superb cheap alternative rear shock, it comes from the 2008-2016 Yamaha R6.  This shock was described by MCN as ” The suspension has been revised internally and is arguably the best mass-produced stuff on any current production bike”

This suspension has 

  • Adjustable preload, with 11 stops instead of 7
  • Adjustable rebound (flat screwdriver)
  • Adjustable Fast compression (12mm socket)
  • Adjustable slow compression (3mm Hex)
  • Separate Nitrogen reservoir
  • Same travel as GSXS750
  • Exactly the same top mount as 750 stock shocks 
  • Reservoir fits with no modifications
  • Similar spring rate to stock, but many other spring rates easily available


GSXS Upgraded Shock

However this shock is 34mm shorter than the GSXS750  and the lower mount does not fit either GSXS so I have commissioned adaptors to be built by CNC milling using billet 7075 Aluminium Alloy allowing the upgraded shock to bolt directly in as a replacement shock.  This adaptor allows the replacement shock to be the same height as stock.


GSXS750 upgraded shock adaptor

The adaptor has now finished testing, it is an easy job to change the shock over from stock to the R6 shock.  All the adjusters can be adjusted in Situ


R6 adaptor and cushion GSXS750

The GSXS750 Rear Shock Upgrade adaptor can be purchased for 2000 baht (50GBP, 65 US$) plus shipping

All production adaptors are powder coated


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