GSXS Videos

GSXS Videos

A list of useful Suzuki GSXS Videos covering a number of subjects such as suspension setup, engine tuning, exhausts and general maintenance


GSXS Suspension Setup  How to setup up the preload or sag on your GSXS1000 or GSXS750

GSXS750 Shock Upgrade

GSXS1000 Shock upgrade Part 1



TPS Adjustment  How to check and adjust the TPS (Throttle position Sensor) on your GSXS1000, this is needed to smooth out the throttle

Dyno run  A short video of a GSXS1000 on the dyno


GSXS Exhausts  Guide to types of exhausts and building a custom exhaust for your GSXS1000


GSXS1000F HID lights  A quick view of an HID projector upgrade on a GSX-S1000F

GSXS Headlights a look at the upgraded lights on a GSXS1000F