GSXS UV Damaged Dash

GSXS UV Damaged Dash

GSXS UV Damaged Dash

It is quite common in the tropical heat of Thailand for the sun to cause damage to bike dashboards as well as other parts but I was surprised after only 2.5 years to have a GSXS UV Damaged Dash.


GSXS UV damaged screen

The sun has caused crazing all over the clear plastic of the dash cover. I was quite relieved to find that the cover is available as a separate part and for only 30GBP in Thailand.  Part No. is 34150-04K01 (part 2 below)

GSXS Dash assembly

Removing the Dash

Removing the dash is a 10 minute process, firstly remove the side panels at the top of the fairings (1 on the picture) – 2 allen key bolts and 1 plastic connector per side – take care not to scratch the tank cover, then remove the plastic clip on each side holding the dash (2)

GSXS remove upper dash panels


Next remove the 2 scres (1 in the photo below) holding the dash and surround

GSXS remove dash

Pull the dashboard and surround away from the bike carefully

Next separate the dash from the dash surround – unplug the wiring connector (yellow)m remove the 3 screws (red) and lever the clips (green) with a small flat screw driver.  Ignore the part in blue, this is an aftermarket Shift light I fitted.

Separating GSXS dash from bike

You now have the dash separated – It has 8 screws that all need to be unscrewed

And then the rear of the dash can be removed from the GSXS UV Damaged Dash display

GSXS Dash split

No further screws need to be removed – the electronic part of the display can just be lifted out of the case, be careful to lift the electronics out of the case, not lift the case of off the electronics, as you may lose the 2 small plastic pins that connect between the outside buttons and the internal switches. The pins in red nedd to placed, narrow end first into the holes marked in yellow, then place the new cover over the electronics and put back together in the reverse order.


Once the dash is screwed back together plug it in and check the switches work correctly before reassembling the rest of the motorcycle

I also fitted a dash protector from Speedo Angels, to reduce the UV as well as stop anything scratching the dash, it fits exactly the same way as a screen protector on a smartphone (got mine fitted at a phone shop as I always end up with bubbles..)

GSXS UV Damaged Dash repaired with new screen fitted with protection and blue lighting as fitted previously

New GSXS screen protection

View from inside the old dash cover







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