GSXS Ohlins TTX GP rear shock Install

GSXS Ohlins TTX GP rear shock Install

I found the front suspension on the Suzuki GSX-S1000f to be fairly good, compliant and controlled but the standard rear shock to be inadequate.  As there are no Suzuki GSXS Ohlins GP shocks I decided to fit a 2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Ohlins TTX36 GP shock on my GSXS Ohlins TTX GP.

The Suzuki GSXS rear shock is quite poor, harsh with little damping adjustment, even after rear shock adjustment it was uncomfortable and not confidence inspiring.

Suzuki GSXS Ohlins Shock
Ohlins TTX GP Suzuki GSX-S1000


Based on the highly regarded TTX technology it has been developed from Öhlins’ vast experience in MotoGP.

Compared with the standard TTX36 MkII, the compression and rebound adjustments have improved even further with a new adjustment needle, providing better guidance and a different flow restriction behavior. The function of the damper is more consistent with less variation and the adjusters work in a more precise manner. A new main piston completes the package, designed to improve traction and rider control. Did we mention that the weight is reduced even further?

Among the advantages are a much improved chassis feedback as well as enhanced performance. Also, the adjustment range is even wider and with this new design, the variation in behavior from one shock absorber to another is further reduced – a proof of Öhlins commitment to precision. The TTX GP continues on the TTX36 path, sharing and improving on the benefits of one of the best shock absorbers in the world. Now we have a Suzuki GSXS Ohlins GP shock.

Suzuki GSXS Ohlins advantages

  • TTX technology, twin tube technology
  • No risk of cavitation
  • Solid piston
  • Rebound and compression adjustment straight from MotoGP
  • Adjustment needles with different flow restriction behavior to improve chassis feedback
  • New main piston
  • Wider and more precise adjustment range
  • Adjustment possible by hand or with hexagon tool
  • Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping
  • Hydraulic Preload adjustment

Ohlins TTX manual Ohlins GP manual

GSXS Ohlins TTX GP Installation

Original Suzuki GSXS 1000 rear shock
Original Suzuki GSX-S1000 shock

Installing the GSXR1000 Ohlins shock is not straightforward as the standard GSX-S shock does not have a reservoir and the rear subframe and battery box are in the way of the reservoir.  The ohlins shock for the gsx-r is 10mm shorter than the original, but it is adjustable for length. Suzuki GSXS Ohlins

  1. Loosen the bolts at the top of the shock and on the linkages at the bottom  before lifting the bike.
  2. Lift the bike with an Abba Stand or some other method that does not lift the swingarm or sub-frame.
  3. Remove the seats, battery, rear sub-frame panels and rear sub-frame. The wiring needs to be loosened but does not need to be completely removed.
  4.   The original shock can now be unbolted and removed from the top
  5. Here with the shock removed, looking at the top shock mounts you can see they are very angular, whereas on the GSX-R they are rounded.  The nearest (left side looking forward) needs a little grinding to clear the reservoir.
  6.  Suzuki GSXS rear shock mount
  7. rear shock mount ground
    rear shock mount ground
  8. The Suzuki GSXS Ohlins GP shock can now be installed from the top, the GSXS Ohlins TTX GP shock is a far superior shock compared to the original, as can be seen from the construction quality, the bearings at each end, hydraulic preload and adjustable compression and rebound.  At this stage you may need to adjust the length of the shock – easily done, but I didn’t as I am running a 200/55 rear tyre that already raises the rear by 15mm.
    Ohlins TTX GP shock installed in Suzuki GSX-S1000
    Ohlins TTX GP shock installed in Suzuki GSX-S1000

    The GSXS Ohlins shock fits to the standard Suzuki Lower linkage without any modifications, however the shock is 20mm shorter than stock. so i got an adaptor made out of 7075 alloy

  9. Ohlins lower mount with adaptor Ohlins adaptor installedGSXS Ohlins adaptor and cushion


  1. The rear sub-frame and battery box now need to be modified to clear the reservoir and compresssion/rebound valves.  I had already changed to a Lithium Battery which is smaller and much lighter.
  2. The rear sub-frame battery support needs cutting
    The rear sub-frame battery support needs cutting




  3. The rear sub-frame and panels can now be reinstalled
  4. Ohlins TTX GP installed on GSX-S1000GSXS Ohlins TTX GP installed on GSX-S1000. Suzuki GSXS Ohlins
  5. Tip-over switch, this is mounted on the front edge of the battery box that has now been cut off, so it needs moving – I moved mine to the front of the rear seat locking bracket – it needs to be fixed securely in exactly the alignment as the original fitment  –  Photo to be attached

Extending the length of the GSXR shock


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The GSX-S750 shock is even worse with no adjustable damping, see here for a superb cheap GSXS750 shock upgrade

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