GSXS1000 R1 shock upgrade

GSX-S1000 Yamaha R1 Shock upgrade

The stock GSX-S1000 shock come in for a lot of criticism, its harsh and yet lacks control at high speed. It is only adjustable for preload and rebound and is obviously where Suzuki saved money over the GSXR1000 series thus GSXS1000 R1 Shock upgrade

One shock that will fit with an adaptor is the 2015 – 2017 Yamaha R1 shock, this is one of the best shocks ever fitted to a production bike, Multi- adjustable as well as much better quality

The GSXS1000 R1 Shock upgrade has 

  • Fully Adjustable preload
  • Adjustable rebound (3mm Hex)
  • Adjustable Fast compression (12mm socket)
  • Adjustable slow compression (3mm Hex)
  • Separate Nitrogen reservoir
  • Same travel as GSXS1000
  • Exactly the same top mount as 1000 stock shock
  • Reservoir fits with no modifications
  • Bottom mount similar to the GSXS1000 (easily modified)
  • Similar spring rate to stock, but many other spring rates easily available
  • 28mm shorter than stock but with mount its the same length
  • adjustable length for changing ride height


R1 shock GSXS1000


At the top we have machined an adaptor using CNC from 7075 Aluminium Alloy.  This duplicates the upper chassis mounting point but 28mm lower to make up for the shorter shock and to move the reservoir away from the rear subframe


GSXS1000 R1 Shock Adaptor
GSXS1000 R1 Shock Adaptor
GSXS1000 R1 Shock Top Mount
GSXS1000 R1 Shock Top Mount

First modification is the lower mount which is 36mm wide on the Suzuki but only 24mm wide on the Yamaha, rather than use spacers we just move the bearing inner sleeve from the Suzuki to the R1 shock


GSXS1000 R1 shock adaptorGSXS1000 R1 shock upper mount

R1 adjustment on GSXSR1 shock with GSXS1000 Adaptor

R1 shock in situ GSXS1000




The GSXS1000 Rear Shock Upgrade adaptor can be purchased for 2000 baht (50GBP, 65 US$) plus shipping

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