GSX-S1000 EBC brake disc upgrade

GSX-S1000 Brake disc upgrade

GSX-S1000 Brake disc upgrade

GSX-S1000 Brake disc upgrade, after 46,000km I decided to upgrade the brake rotors in addition to the pads , lines and Master cylinder I had already upgraded

I thought about larger discs but a) couldn’t find any and b) it was hard enough getting my hands between the disc and wheel to clean the wheels and larger discs would make it even more difficult.

I use EBC HH sintered pads and these are designed to work best with the EBC discs so I decided to go with the EBC XC discs

Front disc part No.  MD3109XC (1 disc)

Rear disc part No.  MD3108C

The XC as opposed to the X has a contoured shape reducing weight and slightly improving cooling.

I have already fitted a set of the HH pads before as well as HEL braided lines and a Brembo RCS master cylinder

GSX-S1000 Front Brake Disc Upgrade

GSXS1000 EBC XC discs and EBC HH pads

GSXS stock discs in stand

Remove the speed sensor, ABS sensor from the forks before removing the wheel (The sensor is easily broken if not removed first)

GSXS front wheel speed sensorWheel speed sensor removed

I used a chock style front stand and an ABBA skylift to remove the front wheel, remove the Front axle bolt with the weight on the wheel , then loosen the pinch bolts and remove the brake calipers and axle and lift the bike away from the wheel

GSXS Front wheel removal with stand and ABBA skylift

Stock and EBC XC brake rotors compared

GSX-S1000 stock and EBC rotors compared

Ise a an M10*1.25 nut and bolt to put through the banjo connection to minimise fluid loss when I disconnect the calipers


Brake fluid retention

I use a tap and die set to clean up all the threads and bolts fixing the discs on before using fresh threadlock to fix the discs

Cleaning disc bolt threadsCleaning wheel threads for new discs

New EBC Front discs fitted

EBC XC discs fitted to a Suzuki GSX-S1000

Next was a quick service on the calipers,  I blocked the fluid inlet with an M10*1.25 bolt, and then use a combination of modified piston spreaders, cable ties and an air compressor blowing the through the bleed nipple hole to remove the pistons 1 at a time, I then removed the dust and oil seals and cleaned them all and soaked in fresh brake fluid

Brembo M4 piston removalGSXS1000 brake piston removal

Soaking piston and seals in fresh brake fluid

GSXS brake piston vleaning

The stock bleed nipples were corroding and round off very easily so I replaced them with Titanium brake nipples

Brembo M4 Titanium bleed nipples

Pads fitted to caliper after cleaning and soaking all pistons.  I then use my piston spreader between the pads to bleed the brakes as the brake nipples are a pain to reach with the brakes fitted to the wheels

GSXS Brake pads fitted

Reassemble the front wheel, I fit the axle first and tighten it using a hex key at the flush end of the axle, fit the brakes then torque the axle nut but I leave the pinch bolts until I have weight back on the front wheel and bounced the suspension a few times

Suzuki GSXS Axle hexSuzuki fork pinch bolts lower

I then lift the front wheel , spin it and apply the front brake, keep it locked and only then torque down the calipers.

Suzuki GSXS1000 EBC disc upgradeSuzuki GSXS1000 EBC rotor upgrade


GSX-S1000 Rear Brake Disc Upgrade

GSXS1000 EBC rear rotor

GSXS1000 EBC rear disc

GSXS1000 stock rear discs

GSXS1000 stock rear rotors

As with the front wheel, remove the speed sensor first to avoid it getting broken

GSXS removing rear speed sensor

Then remove the 12mm bolt (2) holding the rear caliper, the caliper can then be swung up and removed from the holder, remove the plug and the sliding pin (1) and the pads (3).  I then cleaned the rear piston as I had the front and reassembled the caliper and pads

GSXS rear caliper removalGSXS rear caliper removedGSXS Rear pads removed


Next remove the rear wheel, ensuring you catch the spacers if they fall out and replace on the correct side

GSXS Rear wheel removal

Stock disc, as with the front remove the disc bolts (6mm Allen key) and then clean up the threads and install the new disc

GSXS1000 stock rear rotorGSXS EBC rear disc fitted

Reassemble the brakes

      GSXS1000 Rear rotor installed    


The new brakes are a good improvement over before, they seem to hav more power but also a more progressive smooth feel. There was some shhsssing noise when applying the brakes over the first 20km but that has now gone. Great upgrade – I now have complete confidence in my brakes

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