GSX-S USB Phone Mount

GSX-S USB Phone Mount

The GSX-S has a Waterproof twin USB power supply fitted to the upper left fairing for powering a mobile phone, satnav or similar with a GSX-S USB phone mount.

It is connected directly to the battery by a 5 amp fused relay, but the relay is switched by an ignition feed so that the USB is only powered when the bike is running.

The USB connector needs a 28mm circular hole cutting in the fairing and includes twin 2.1A USB sockets and includes a small voltmeter that illuminates the sockets and shows battery voltage when the ignition is on.

GSX-S USB phone mount
GSX-S USB phone mount
Suzuki GSX-S USB Install
GSX-S USB Install







Suzuki GSX-S USB with voltmeter
GSX-S Twin USB with voltmeter


The RAM mount for the phone just replaces one of the bolts on the handlebar clamp with a RAM ball with a longer bolt that goes through it, this can also be used for cameras, such as Go Pro as well as a mobile phone.  The phone is held with an x-mount with an additional rubber web to prevent the phone coming loose.

Suzuki GSX-S RAM mount
GSX-S RAM mount

Suzuki GSX-S Phone Mount


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