GSX-S throttle Fix

GSX-S Throttle Fix

GSX-S Throttle Fix

Suzuki GSX-S Throttle Fix.  This is by far the most common complaint about the Suzuki GSX-S1000, mentioned by many reviews and owners.  It is a very harsh off-on throttle caused by bad fueling and systems to allow the bike to comply with the latest Euro 4 regulations, also the fuel cut on deceleration makes it worse coming back on throttle and it can really unsettle the bike on cornering trying to smoothly feed power back in.  

Every bike seems to be affected by the GSXS Jerky Throttle differently, and there are a number of ways to fix it or at least reduce it, GSX-S Throttle Fix

  • TPS

This is free to adjust if you do it yourself and should be done before any other mods to try and cure the Throttle, on many of these bikes the Throttle position sensor is not set correctly, changing this can make a huge improvement to the on-off throttle.  The most accurate method is using a voltmeter to set the TPS to 1.13V at closed throttle, see link for details. Video below showing how to check and adjust the TPS on any GSX-S1000 to reduce the GSXS Jerky Throttle

  • New Improved ECU

Later GSX-S’s had a newer updated ECU (Physically the same ECU but with updated mapping) with the last number of the part code being a 1 not a 0 (e.g. 32920-04K51 instead of 32920-04K50), Click here for ECU part numbers and locations.  However Suzuki have said the changes were only to cure the surging at low throttle not the throttle  snatch, but some people have reported an improvement with the Snatchy Throttle after upgrading the ECU, You will need to contact your Dealer or Importer to try and get an updated ECU (Only valid for 2015-2016 bikes)

  • Booster Plug

The booster plug is a mod that fools the bike into thinking that it is 20 degrees colder than it actually is and so adds more fuel, enriching the mixture throughout the range, bit of a bodge but some people say it works.

  • PCV

Power Commander V, this is a piggy back unit that interrupts the signals to the Fuel Injectors, allowing you to increase or decrease the pulse length and thus the amount of fuel, This can help the snatchy throttle. As this is a piggy back system there is more to go wrong than on a re-flash that just modifies the programming of the original ECU

  • Re flash ECU

This is the best way to eliminate the GSXS snatchy throttle,  A reflash can eliminate many restrictions on the bike as well as change the fueling, ignition timing, STP opening, Exhaust valve opening, Removing the fuel cut etc.  Woolich Racing and Flashtune are the best known providers of software for flashing, but only Woolich can remove the fuel cut.

  • Throttle Tamer

This is a replacement throttle tube with a variable cam to produce slower opening of the throttle at small throttle openings, it doesn’t reduce the snatch but makes it easy to control, in a similar way improving the suspension allows improved control

  • Improved Throttle Tube

A better, smoother throttle tube with better bearings and better quality cables and although using a faster cam offers better control, I used a Domino XM2 Throttle Controller.

  • Suspension

Adjusting the suspension properly can also improve the GSX-S jerky throttle control as you will not be bumped around so much, thus making it easier to input smooth controls to the throttle.

Adjusting the TPS