GSX-S Steering damper

GSX-S Steering Damper

Occasionally when pressing on i feel as though the GSX-S1000 would benefit from a steering stabiliser.

There are a few available but i hate the look and inconvenience of the bits attached to the fuel filler.


So i have decided to build my own stabiliser.   This will only work on the “F” version of the GSX-S1000.

The main attachment at the centre of the stabiliser will fit to aluminium component made with cnc to fit in the bracket that hold the instruments, fairing etc.  The area marked in red will have a centre bracket fitted to hold the the stabiliser and a bracket attached to the fork in blue to hold the end of the stabiliser.

The stabilser will fit easily in a good position without being in the way – truly fit and forget

If anyone else is interested, I should be able to get parts made more cheaply – just bolt in.