Suzuki GSX-S motorcycle hazard Lights

GSX-S Hazard Lights

GSX-S Hazard Lights

Only the European Suzuki GSX-S come with Motorcycle Hazard lights. Hazard lights are an important safety feature as are the mirrors which are useless as stock.   Suzuki GSX-S hazard lights are switched from the switch housing on the right side of the handlebars and this needs to be changed for one with the hazard switch built-in, but the entire wiring harness is different and it takes a while to install the Suzuki GSX-S  motorcycle Hazard Lights.

switches for GSX-S Hazard lights
Right hand handle bar switches






The connector for the European bikes has 4 extra pins and is a different shape, so I cut off the new connector, soldered every existing wire to the old connector and then added a new connector to T into the wiring on the left bar connector as the Hazard light switch is on the right side and the indicator switch is on the left.  

GSX-S Harzard lights wiring
12 pin and 8 pin

The wiring is quite straightforward as seen below, with the GSX-S Hazard lights switch just connecting the output of the flasher relay to both sides of the indicator switch.

GSX-S Hazard Lights wiring


Suzuki GSX-S Hazard Lights
Suzuki GSX-S Hazard Lights

I also change the indicator lights at he front and rear with the front ones being integrated with the headlights

GSXS Headlight HID upgrade

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  1. im in vietnam and love to death the built-in hazard button on right switch. can you help me with the code of eu gsxs1000 right switch and then how i can install it into my bike..thanks and best regard.

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