GSX-S ECU restrictions and Suzuki TRE

GSX-S ECU restrictions and Suzuki TRE

GSX-S ECU restrictions and Suzuki TRE

An example of some of the GSX-S ECU restrictions that can be removed/improved byre-flashing the ECU with woolich racing software, A Suzuki TRE is a timing retard eliminator for Suzuki motorcycles that eliminates the retarded ignition settings in some of the lower gears.

Ignition timing restrictions

Ignition timing restrictions, Groups gear 1-2, gear 3 and gear 4-6, as can be seen ignition is retarded most in the lowest 2 gears but also retarded slightly in 3rd gear but only below 25% throttle and 6500rpm.

A Suzuki TRE will fool the ECU into thinking the bike is always in 5th gear thus removing these restrictions in the lower gears, it will make no difference to maximum power or torque.


Suzuki GSX-S ECU restrictionsSuzuki GSX-S Ignition timing Suzuki TRE

My ignition timing, same for all gears, similar to the upper gears but more advanced in a few places particularly WOT at high RPM

GSXS Ignition optimized


Secondary Throttle plates

Secondary Throttle plates, GSX-S ECU restrictions above 10,600 in 6th gear the STPs close to 50% to restrict top speed, STP settings are the same for all the other 5 gears but are slow to open, thus reducing power and torque.

The Suzuki TRE will remove the 6th speed top speed limiter.

GSXS speed limiter  GSX-S Top speed restriction

My Secondary Throttle plates, no top speed limiter and opening earlier at higher throttle openings


Rev limits, the rev limit can be changed as well as fan temps, idle speed and error codes switched off

My rev limiter, 13,100 instead of 11,400

My fan temps and error codes etc


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