GSX-S Chain and Sprockets

GSX-S Chain and Sprockets

GSX-S Chain and Sprockets

GSX-S Chain and Sprockets,  Changing the GSXS gearing is one of the cheapest ways to change the performance of your bike from a more relaxed cruiser to a frenetic, wheelie mad stunt bike.

The standard GSXS Gearing is 17 front, 44 rear for the GSX-S1000 and 17/43 for the GSX-S750.

I changed mine to -1/+4(front sprocket 1 smaller and rear 4 larger), 16/48 It makes it much quicker off the line and far more responsive, I use a 200/55 rear tyre which makes my GSXS gearing equivalent to -1/+2 with original tyre, this makes the GSXS gearing about 15% lower than stock, boosting acceleration and because I raised the rev limit with a Woolich reflash I didn’t lose any GSX-S1000f top speed.

With the stock sprockets (17/44) the front sprocket rotates 2.59 times for every rotation of the wheel, with (16/48) its exactly 3 rotations for every rotation of the back wheel

The GSX-S1000f top speed with these mods (-1/+4, 200/55 tyre and 13,100 rpm) is about 272kmh (Mine showed 285kmh on the speedometer)

GSXS Gearing

GSXS Gearing

As can be seen in the table below the GSX-S750 has a much wider ratio gearbox – I wish i could put a 750 gearbox in my GSX-S1000

  GSX-S1000 GSX-S750
Final gear Ratio 1.553       1.857    
  Gears Ratio Diff. Total Ratio Gears Ratio Diff. Total Ratio
1 41/16 2.563 125% 10.30 39/14 2.786 136% 13.08
2 39/19 2.053 120% 8.25 39/19 2.053 122% 9.64
3 36/21 1.714 114% 6.89 37/22 1.682 116% 7.90
4 36/24 1.500 110% 6.03 29/20 1.450 107% 6.81
5 34/25 1.360 107% 5.47 30/23 1.360 118% 6.39
6 33/26 1.269   5.10 31/27 1.148   5.39
      202%       243%  
Countershaft sprocket 17 2.588     17 2.529    
Rear wheel sprocket 44       43      

GSXS Chains

As standard the GSX-S1000 has a 525 chain, I changed mine to a 520, lighter but hi-spec and stronger so less reciprocating mass, with lighter sprockets too, Afam GSX-S Chain and Sprockets

Motorcycle chain specs

Afam racing Chain and Sprocket

I use an Afam AFAM 520XHR2-G chain, this hyper reinforced gold color Xs-ring chain with a very high tensile strength and fatigue resistance. The customized shape of the Xs-rings keeps the grease longer inside the chain making it the ideal chain for an heavy touring motorcycle.

I have a 48 tooth rear AFAM Racing Aluminum Sprockets these have harder surface obtained by hard anodizing. Most of these sprockets exist in the original pitch, but also in a conversion model for a narrower chain. These AFAM sprockets have custom tolerances for race use and a weight-saving design to ensure the most efficient transmission.

And a 16 tooth front AFAM Racing sprocket, computer designed. Light built but still providing sufficient safety. They are especially designed to save weight in racing applications, usually to fit a smaller and thus lighter chain. In this case they are aligned towards the engine.

I also use Lightech Chain adjusters

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