GSX-S Chain Adjuster

GSX-S Chain adjuster

GSX-S Chain adjuster

I fitted GSX-S Chain adjuster from Lightech , these make it very easy to adjust the chain whilst keeping the rear wheel parallel to the bike frame.  These are used in conjunction with Afam Chain and Sprockets


CNC Machined from billet Ergal 7075 and 6082 alloys, anodised and with stainless steel fittings. Allows precise adjustment first time every time.

To adjust simply turn the small adjuster by hand, which has small detents that click when turned, and a metric scale is stamped into the alloy so you can achieve 100% accurate line up of left & right sides.

Each kit includes:2 x chain adjusters ready assembled, Easy to follow fitting instructions, All necessary fittings for each model.
 Available in gold, red, cobalt blue and black GSX-S Chain adjuster.


Installation Instructions  lightech install

GSXS Chain Adjustment and Lubrication

I lube my chain every week and I clean it and check the tension once every two weeks under normal use.

I clean it and lube it on the paddock stand and I use lube71 products for lubrication and cleaning. The chain grease is colourless and doesn’t seem to get flung off the chain much at all keeping the rear wheel cleaner

Adjust the chain on the sidestand.

To adjust the chain just slacken the wheel nut and then turn the adjusters on each side the same number of clicks (clockwise to tighten chain) until the chain has 25-35mm slack at the mid point (a), check the scales on both sides are the same.  

GSX-S Chain adjustment

Tighten the rear wheel nut, 36mm, to 100Nm or 74lbft

Cheap Dangerous Copies

Initially i bought cheap GSX-S Chain adjuster copies from Ebay but these were not as easy to use and actually broke twice, the second time could have been very dangerous forcing the chain off the sprockets, it cost me a new chain and 2 new sprockets – I DO NOT recommend these cheap copies

Cheap dodgy Chain adjuster
Chain adjuster
Cheap dangerous GSX-S chain adjuster
GSX-S chain adjuster