GSX-S Blue Dash

GSX-S Blue Dash

As i have a blue bike i decided to get the dash to match rather than the boring white colour.  Just remove the dash, take it apart and replace the 2 surface mount LEDs with 2 blue LEDs. GSX-S Blue dash.  For instructions on removing the dash or replacing a damaged dash see here.











The dash is just held together by screws and the LEDs are on the main board behind the display.  The blue light is the same brightness as the original and easy to read by day or night.

GSXS Blue Dash LED

I removed 2 of the LEDs from these lights and soldered them onto the board, all surface mount LEDs, the light is then transferred through plastic guides to light the screen. Any SMD 3528 LEDs will do, available in a number of colours.

Disambled GSX-S Dash

GSX-S Blue Dash in daylight