Fitting gsx-s750 decat

Fitting GSX-S750 Decat

Fitting  GSX-S750 Decat link pipe

Instructions for Fitting GSX-S750 Decat, produced by  for more information on GSX-S750 decat click here


GSXS750 Stock Exhaust Headers

The GSX-S750 exhaust system appears to be 4-1 system, but upon cutting it, it can be seen that it is not a true 4-1 as the pairs are split for a couple of inches

GSXS750 collector

The diameter of the main pipe or end pipe of the exhaust is a restriction at 43mm (1.75″) limiting the engine to a maximum of about 120BHP

GSXS750 stock headers 

And the Cat itself is both quite restrictive and heavy

GSX-S750 Cat

Fitting GSXS750 Decat link Pipe

Decat vs original

Firstly remove the slip-on from the rest of the exhaust.

Then under the 3 bolts holing the radiator and move the radiator forward a few centimetres (use a rag to prevent damage to the fender)

The headers can then be removed (8 allen bolts) and the whole system removed from the bike

Mark and then cut the exhaust tune around the cat (Cut 35mm from the rear of the central world mark)

Fitting GSX-S750 Decat

The cat is double lined so you need to cut through two layers of pipe (Hacksaw or angle grinder) didn’t take long with a hacksaw


Fitting GSX-S750 Decat

Then just pull the pipe and cat away and out the headers

Suzuki GSX-S750 Catalytic Converter

The welds on either side of the existing large pipe need grinding or filing down to ensure the decat pipe fits securely

Then just slide the decat pipe over the existing pipe, do not tighten the clamp yet, refit the headers and slip-on and when everything is aligned tighten the clamp.  Fitting GSX-S750 Decat

Reattach the radiator.

The decat pipe is 50mm and fits directly to the existing slip-on without the gasket

Fitting GSX-S750 Decat with headers

Ride and enjoy, to improve the perfomance of your GSX-S750 further flashing the ECU makes a huge difference to the response and power.






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