GSXS1000 service data

GSXS1000 Service Data

GSXS1000 Service Data GSXS1000 Service Data, engine, chassis and electrical data necessary for successful maintenance and servicing of your Suzuki GSX-s 1000 GSXS-1000 Service Data Emission Control Devices Item Specification Standard Limit EVAP system purge control solenoid valve power supply voltage (If equipped)    Battery voltage    EVAP system purge control solenoid valve resistance (If […]

GSXS Wheel Bearings

GSXS Wheel Bearings I have had to replace my GSXS wheel bearings twice in 30,000km.  When they were replaced they were rusty with some of the ball bearings so damaged and broken that there were large gaps. I noticed the problem with a clonking noise over drops and into pot holes that I initially thought […]

GSX-S 200/55 Rear Tyre

GSX-S 200/55 Rear tyre I fitted a GSX-S 200/55 Rear tyre, a Pirelli Supercorsa SP2. Initially the bike came with a Dunlop D214 190/50 not the most confidence inspiring tyre around.  I then upgraded to a 190/55 Pirelli Rosso Corsa, this gave much better grip and also because of the profile change, much better turn in […]