GSXS1000 EBC Brakes

The standard GSXS1000/GSXS750  brake pads are made by Brembo and have very little initial bite and can be improved hugely by changing to EBC Sintered HH Brake pads.  GSXS1000 EBC Brakes, GSXS750 Brakes Changing to EBC discs together with the HH pads makes for an even bigger improvement. Double-Hâ„¢ Sintered Superbike Brake Pads deliver high performance […]

Rizoma Brake Reservoir

GSXS Rizoma Brake Reservoir

GSXS Rizoma Brake Reservoir I added Brembo RCS Master Cylinder to a Suzuki GSXS so needed to add new fluid reservoirs so added a GSXS Rizoma Brake reservoir with a rear to match. The Rizoma reservoirs are blue anodized alloy with a clear window on the front brake reservoir. CT125U and CT451B at front CT115U and […]